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Tour operator & receptive equipped by Malagasy dynamic, professional and experienced in its domain, ARIARY Touring is open for all.

You will discover the world in Mada from North to the South part, from West to East, with a multiple typical architectures. Pathes, coasts and highlands with an impressive succession of varied landscapes, to appreciate without moderation. Meet Malgaches in their authenticity and charm. Taste their amazing culinary art. Go on adventure and explore the different sides of that marvellous « Red Island ». All is possible with ARIARY Touring.

So, indicate us your needs and you quickly will receive the proposal which should suit. It will be a great pleasure for us to realize your dream.

Madagascarly yours.

Ariary Be (The Great Ariary), Malagasy currency
Ariary currencies

Signification of "Ariary"

Ariary is the Malagasy national currency. 1 euro = about 2.850 Ariary (march 2013). Ariary money dating in royal period before colonization, marks economic independence of the country. Indeed, since 1st January 2005, Madagascar decided the return to this traditional currency for taking place of Malagasy francs bills (MGF, having known many devaluations since years 70), (1 Ariary amounts to 5 MGF), change objective of which would be to cleanse financial system from disappearance of a lot of bills from State's cash and also to take false banknotes out of economic circuit.

In Madagascar, it's prove to be more current and more easy to negociate Euro and Dollar among the other currencies. Big notes (50 Euros and more) are changed with more interesting rate than for 20 to 5 Euros. Besides agreed hotels and bank counters whre you can take Ariary money from credit cards, there are many change offices among which the one at the airport remains the best change. You'd better to do change as your needs, Malagasy currency not being convertible. Blue cards including visa cards are more accepted in big towns rather than in small villages or in bush where Ariary is habitually used for counts.

Malagasy currencies represent at their face and back a great part of innumerable Island's treasure. See Malagasy banknotes and coins.